5 Artwork Styling Tips With Violet Eyes

If you are planning your nursery it’s likely you will be thinking about what kind of artwork and decor you would like to make it feel oh so special and stylish. The question once you have it of course is where to put it? And with what?

Join Ainslie from Violet Eyes as she shares her tips for styling your nursery artwork for maximum effect.

Hang at Eye Level

It may be tempting to use that hook that is already on a wall from a previous picture but you will be so glad that you took the time to hang your artwork properly once its hung at eye level. With a huge variety of removable picture hooks and velcro these days it really is just a 5 minute task that makes all the difference to seeing your piece in its best position.

Incorporate your other wall decor

Group other decor items together with your framed artwork such as cute decorative animals, floral wreaths, plates and name plaques. Hung close together they can tell a story about you and your bubba and keep the artwork from looking like its floating on a vast empty wall!

Use removable decals or wallpaper

There is an amazing variety and abundance of gorgeous wall decals and wallpapers to choose from these days. They just stick on and peel off so easily that even renters can use them without worry. A fun way to create an impermanent feature wall and layering artwork on top really creates a wow factor!

Pick up colours in textiles

Choose a few key colours to bring into the room with feature linen such as pillows and blankets on the bed and throw cushions on a chair. This draws the eye down and around the room and creates a sense of harmony between all the elements.

Frame in same material as furniture

I find if you want to create a really cohesive look its a good idea to choose a frame the same colour or material as some of the key pieces of furniture such as a cot, change table or dresser. Finding the exact same colour timber can be challenging but as long as you have say a raw timber frame with a raw timber cot you will be on the right path!

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