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How to Transform
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Time-Saving Product at a Time

When the little one demands your undivided attention yet again, it is time to call on sanity-saving products and services to take the pressure off you. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to justify losing sleep over unnecessary mum guilt.

Here are some genius solutions to share the load and make you feel like you are winning at this mum gig.

Hello Fresh

Are you stuck for meal ideas every week and struggle to find the time to get to the shops before you are down to Vegemite on toast? The genius team at Hello Fresh let you customise a weekly menu online by selecting from the most delicious seasonal recipes. They then bundle up the ingredients in just the right amounts for you and deliver it to the comfort of your home in fridge-friendly meal kits. No need to get out of your PJs when little one treats you to yet another grumpy day.

All recipes are easy-to-follow and only feature the freshest seasonal produce from hand-picked suppliers so you look like the home-town hero at dinner time.

Visit the Hello Fresh website

Smoothie Bombs

As mums, we tend to look after everyone else before making sure we have all our ducks in a row. This applies especially when it comes to healthy eating and snacking. It can be a struggle to fit in the oh-so important nutrients us mums need to keep the busy family schedule running like clockwork.

Smoothie Bombs are the handy solution to fit quick nutritious smoothies into your daily schedule without the effort that usually goes with it. Each Smoothie Bomb flavour comes with its distinct benefits. The Lover is for antioxidants, The Transformer is for cleansing, The Motivator is for vitality, The Defender is for immunity and The Warrior is for energy.

Simply add 1 Smoothie Bomb, 1 piece of fruit and 1 cup of milk to your blender and you are set. That’s how simple it is to treat the whole family to tasty, healthy smoothies.

Smoothie Bombs are Australian certified organic, nutritionist designed, vegan friendly as well as dairy, gluten and preservative free.

Visit the Smoothie Bombs website

Bellamy’s Organic

We all know that home-cooked meals and snacks are the healthiest option, but nothing beats convenience during outings to the park or that painful plane trip to the Gold Coast where little ones eat like they just ran a marathon for some unknown reason.

Bellamy’s Organic is that healthy, convenient alternative to the make-it-yourself option. All fruit, vegetables and grains that find their way into Bellamy’s Organic products are as nature intended. Their orchards aren’t sprayed with synthetic pesticides, the soil isn’t synthetically fertilized and seeds haven’t been genetically modified.

Treating your bub to Bellamy’s Organic gives you confidence that you are dishing up certified organic food for a healthy and convenient start to life.

Visit the Bellamy’s Organic website

uPang Sterilizers

This one is a serious game changer to keep nasties in check when bub spits the dummy yet again.

The uPang sterilizer is a revolutionary water, chemical and steam free solution that features two UV-C lamps proven to kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

It uses significantly less power than traditional steam sterilisers and helps you reduce your footprint while still making your baby’s health your number one priority.

Sterilize anything from baby bottles, dummies and toys to eating utensils. Simply set your new favourite gadget and forget about it. Once the cycle has finished, bub’s belongings will emerge sparkling clean and dry.

Visit the uPang Sterilizers website

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