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Aernout Dijkstra-Hellinga

In conjunction with the launch of Bugaboo’s latest travel companion, the Bugaboo Ant, we were fortunate enough to recently meet Bugaboo’s Senior Lead Designer, Aernout Dijkstra-Hellinga.

Aernout has been on the Bugaboo design team for a number of years working on most of the products in their renowned line-up including the Bugaboo Bee original, Bugaboo Cameleon3, Bugaboo Donkey, Bugaboo Buffalo, Bugaboo Runner, Bugaboo Fox and Bugaboo’s latest creation that is yet to be unveiled.

We sat down with Aernout and asked him a few key questions about his role within the company.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from solving problems. We look at the stresses that people experience, for example when traveling or on public transport, and this inspiration starts us thinking how we can improve the product to solve this problem. Design inspiration comes from the car industry, the clean lines and you can see how we put a lot of attention in to the details and how the lines are flowing. We want to stand out and take the lead in the industry and this new design does this.

Who would be a role model to you?

My absolute role model would be my boss, Max. I learn so much from him about how to think conceptually. (We have a chuckle over this as it’s a great answer! ) But seriously I have worked for him for more than 15 years and am constantly inspired by him.  I am also inspired by an architect Zaha Hadid and how she looks at buildings. I also absolutely love the Lego design and endless possibilities with what it can create.

How did you start at Bugaboo?

When I first started my educational journey I was really interested in computers, economics and math. I went to a university open day and learnt about a new subject that combined creativity with technical language, called industrial design and this really took my interest. I studied this for many years and loved how I could make people’s lives easier. I then worked for a design agency which was rather busy and saw an opening at Bugaboo. I learnt a lot more about the company and how they are really design driven and how the responsibility starts first and foremost with the design team, not the other way around. For me it was a dream job. It was an opportunity to fix the problems of people, make life better whilst being given the time to create a design to accomplish this goal. It’s really great to work at Bugaboo

What is your favourite pram?

When I worked on The Bugaboo Donkey, I had two young children and the Bugaboo Donkey was like my third child. I used it intensely with my own children as test dummies so it means a lot to me from a personal point of view. I also love the new Bugaboo Ant as it’s been a place of my heart for so long and I’m very proud of its new design and what we have accomplished with it as a versatile travel pram.

What is your favourite Holiday Destination?

We love to cycle so we take a lot of cycling holidays. We love going to the rivers along Europe, but this year we are taking the bus to Cologne and then we cycle home. I love to travel and see things differently.

What is your favourite cocktail?

Local beers and breweries are my favourite. I have lots of friends who make their own beers and I love these. I also like a White Russian.

Do you listen to Podcasts?

I do love podcasts, mine are mostly Dutch though! I love mysteries and journalistic ones that have a true story attached. 99 per cent invisible is a great podcast though and is about design that you don’t notice.

Do you have a favourite song?

I love listening to house music, but because of Spotify I always forget the artists. Spotify is great though as I love that I can listen with my son and dance around the room. If I had to choose a favourite DJ it would be Tiesto.

After the interview we then got to test drive the new Bugaboo Ant and we have to say, this is the most compact travel stroller yet. It’s ease of use and versatility is second to none.

At a glance here are our favourite features:

– Bugaboos most compact stroller yet

– Lightweight – At only 7.2kg it’s easy to lift and carry

– Reversible seat so it can be positioned both way

– Incredible storage – the luggage accessibility is fantastic and there’s room enough for 8kg.

– Smooth and Seamless with all wheel suspension

– Sun protection is fully extendable to block out and create a peaceful space for your child to rest

– The handlebar is adjustable and has one handed steering capabilities. A must for any parent!

– Suitable from birth to toddler as it can be fully reclined or a straight sit up to help support the healthy development of posture and muscles.

You can come and test drive the Bugaboo Ant out at our Sydney and Melbourne events this year! See here for more event details.

Come and Meet the Bugaboo team at our next events in Sydney ( 17th + 18th August 2019) and Melbourne ( 14th+ 15th September 2019).

Click here for more details.

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